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The Adventures of Jillian Spectre

The Adventures of Jillian Spectre
Author Nic Tatano
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Welcome to the Mystic Quarter... Jillian Spectre knows what happens after you die. Because the seventeen-year-old mystic seer can see the future of her clients even after they've passed on. And that's not even her coolest power...She can be in two places at once. Problem is, her heart can only be in one. Supernatural abilities aside, she's a typical high school senior torn between two guys. But that gets put on the back burner when she discovers the father she had long assumed was dead is actually alive, with unique powers of his own. He's a technopath, with the ability to interface his mind with technology. And he's got a plan to take down society. Unless Jillian can stop him.

Review: This was just 'meh' for me. It is a quick, plot driven read with high school characters that are geared toward the younger end of the YA scale. I would categorize it as a 'teen' read. In order to avoid too much explanation or creativity, many things in the plot take an expected path for the sake of convenience and quick explanation. It's all too neat and the timing is too perfect to really give it the punch it needs to hold tension and intrigue. The character development is a little strange, especially the BFF, an amazon muse slapped with an aggressive stereotypical Italian personality. From meatballs to the over use of "confessional" catholic rantings, I got a bit bored and found myself doing the 'eye roll'. 

This one just wasn't for me and although, I read it quickly, it left little lasting impression besides another plot-driven disappointment that takes the easy way out by grabbing at stereotypes and inserting some paranormal (and not knowledgable) elements to sell because those are "hot," and "popular" items in the book market at the moment. 
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*ARC provided by HarperCollins UK, HarperImpulse courtesy of NetGalley

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