Monday, April 29, 2013

May is Clean Sweep ARC Challenge Month!

May is Clean Sweep ARC Challenge Month!  Hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewers & The Windy Pages

What is an ARC (Advance reading copy)? In the traditional sense, ARCs are produced in small print runs and used by publicists, agents, marketing departments, and authors as a marketing tool to generate buzz and get out early reviewers prior to the official release date. Recipients of ARCs tend to include radio and TV hosts, print magazines, celebrities, book bloggers/reviewers, other authors, librarians, journalists and book-sellers. 

ARCs can not be bought or sold since they typically lack a final dust jacket, formatting, cover or binding of the finished product. Most are distributed 3-5 months prior to release date. Now, the term ARC is expanding with the digital age. Publishers also produce what is referred to as "uncorrected proofs,' or galleys.  

I read advance reading copies, uncorrected proofs and galleys.  To avoid confusion, I refer to all of them as ARCs and will post which distribution and publisher requested and provided the copy in my review. For example: ARC was provided by Amazon Vine courtesy of Random House. I would say 95% of the books I read for review are ARCs and therefore, you'll rarely see quotes or mention of formatting, typos, text, cover art etc. in any of my book reviews. This is because it is understood (by me) that what I received is not a final copy and may change. Even if my review comes out after the official release date, it is highly probable that the particular copy I read, was an ARC, uncorrected proof or galley. 

Here are the ARCs on the top of my pile to complete in May

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If you're participating, I'd love to hear what ARC(s) you are most looking forward to reading.  Or, what new release you've just got to get your hands on! 

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