Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hail the Return of Atticus Fish! El Dorado Blues

El Dorado Blues
Author Shaun Morey

In the badlands of southern Baja, retired billionaire Atticus Fish teams up with a hapless archaeologist to hunt down a pair of bandits who've stolen a priceless Jesuit treasure. Atticus Fish returns in novelist Shaun Morey's offbeat mystery adventure set in the badlands of Baja California. Based on the legend of the Jesuit Treasure, this follow-up to Wahoo Rhapsody finds the ruggedly handsome expatriate billionaire, Atticus Fish, sabotaging illegal commercial longliners from his one-man submarine, and schooling boneheaded tourists in civility from the back of an Appaloosa mule. But when archaeologist Duncan Rigby gets kidnapped while on the trail of priceless treasure, intrepid PI Toozie McGill enlists Fish to fire up his seaplane and fly off in pursuit. But finding the archaeologist is one thing; recovering the stolen jewels is something else altogether. Now that word of the Treasure is out, will Fish and his sideckick, Skegs stand a chance against the deadly wave of treasure hunters who wash up onto Baja's shores? 
Review: Strap on the life vest because we're going fishing!  Morey puts the spin in detective mystery with colorful characters, fast-paced action, strange banter and a dollop of humor. This treasure hunting comedy/mystery flies across the page taking you through a cast of characters so entangled that it's bound to end with only a few left standing. Morey's story hinges on the bizarro, but with enough mainstream crime mystery dashed with real events, in this case the mystery of the Jesuit treasure, to ground them, which will broaden the appeal to a wider readership. Even though the convenient store cast of characters are far from cookie cutter, Morey does it without unnecessary raunchy language, explicit crudeness or ridiculous sexism. This is why Morey's stories appeal to me when compared to other authors who write in a similar genre.  It just proves writing can be bizarre, humorous and down-right weird without crossing lines that will alienate an audience.  Atticus Fish stories are a cross-over between Christopher Moore and Austin Powers without too much nasty. If you're ready for mule-riding expatriates, a germophobe strip club owner and a fumbling hit man that gets his ears chewed off, then this is the read for you! Park yourself in a lounger, slap on some sunscreen and soak up the crazy. 
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