Saturday, December 22, 2012

Those Books I Should Have Read Challenge Complete!

Wwwaaayyy back about this time last year I committed to "Level 2" of the Those Books I Should Have Read Challenge. I came out of the gates limping, but picked up speed and sprinted like a vampire from sunlight towards the end. Yay me!  I succeeded and completed the challenge! Here is the list of books that qualified.

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  1. I added a couple of these to my TBR pile. Are you going to do reviews for any? I am hoping to hear about a couple before purchasing. Glad you finished your challenge. Just in the nick of time too huh?


    1. I reviewed:
      My Dead Friend Sarah
      The Stories in A Clockwork Christmas
      You Against Me
      The Temptation of the NIght Jasmine
      Witches of Bourbon Street

      They can be found at Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari and by clicking on the 'Tabs' at the top of the page (Review by titles, genres and reading challenges)

      Thanks for dropping by and checking the list out!