Friday, September 21, 2012

FREE Kindle Reads Weekend!

FREE Kindle Read Weekend!
I've done the hard work and searched through the top 100 free ebook lists to put together some of the highlighted books now available for a limited time this weekend. And yes, they are FREE! So load up those Kindles, ipads and other reader devices. Don't have a reader? Well, it's about time you got one!  With offers happening all the time, how can you resist?  Amazon has many devices varying in price range and capability.  You can get super fancy or functional. To check out more ebooks and Kindle products, click on the picture links below.  

I've made it easy to download the free books featured in this blog post. Just click on the book cover and it will take you directly to the Amazon page to download. That's it - click and read! ENJOY!

Dandelions in the Garden
Featured Book - Historical Fiction/Horror/Gothic
A historical fiction novel about one of the most infamous female mass murderers in history, the 16th century Hungarian countess, Elizabeth Bathory. Amara Borbala is certain she is the only living person in the sane world with intimate knowledge concerning the life and exploits of the Countess Elizabeth Bathory. After all, she was Elizabeth’s companion and confidant since her eleventh year. In 1573, after the death of her mother, Amara is sent by her cousin to serve as a lady-in-waiting at the castles of Sarvar, Varanno, and Cachtice. Now it is years later, 1628, and Amara is aging, alone, and reduced to eavesdropping at her favorite cafĂ© around the corner from her townhouse in Vienna. Befuddled by gossiping ladies, Amara determines perhaps it is time to finally put a stop to the rumors and once and for all, answer the question, ‘Is it true?’ Did Elizabeth Bathory, a descendant of Vlad Tepes really commit the horrible acts of torture, bathe in the blood of slaughtered virgins, and dabble in the dark magic that she was accused of during her trial? One thing is certain, Amara knows the truth, but will it be enough to explain the habits of her friend? Dandelions In The Garden is book one in a two-part series that begins with the journey of Amara, an impressionable girl who follows the Blood Countess through all the horrid events, which lead to her rise and secure her place in history.


  1. You did do the hardwork for us, let me take a look.

  2. I downloaded quite a few of these books, including yours! Thanks Charlie!

  3. Thank you so much for this lovely list, I just downloaded four books I'd like to read.

    I'm especially interested in Danelions in the Garden, since I like fiction on history (plus, I'm a Hungarian girl living here in Transylvania) :)

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