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Thrill Week: Thriller, Suspense, Mystery & Horror

Welcome to Thrill Week hosted by Tea Time With Marce.
To kick off the week Marce has asked each participating blogger to answer a variety of questions. First off...and most importantly...

Who is Bitsy Bling?
She answers to Kelly, Charlie, or Bitsy, just don't call her baby or sugar!  The mysterious woman behind the mask graduated with honors from the University of Washington with a B.A. in English Literature with an emphasis on Creative Writing and a minor in Criminology, but apparently she can't spell or edit. I know, it's terrifying! However, she's strangely gifted when it comes to critiquing works of fiction, writing reviews, promoting and making other writers famous. It's a gift really...just don't ask her to tweet or facebook without committing typos. If you feel the need to point out a typo, she will feel the need to defriend you immediately. She is the voice and founder behind the international blog sensation, Bitsy Bling Books, and an Amazon Vine Reviewer. She manages four blogs and guest blogs as both a book reviewer and author.  In addition, this paranormal sensitive travels all over the world investigating and researching myths, legends and ghostly encounters. She has written three genius books, although, not everyone seems to think so (those people are idiots) and has reviewed hundreds(and counting).
What Are My Top 3 reads (thus far) in the Thriller, Mystery, Suspense & Horror genres:
Lying Season
Indie Author Karina Halle
Ama­teur ghost-hunter Perry Palomino has bat­tled ghosts, fought off skin­walk­ers and skirted the fine line between life and death. But can she sur­vive bunk­ing down in Seat­tle for a week with her partner (and man she secretly loves) Dex and his perfect girl­friend, Jennifer? And can she do so while being tor­mented by a mali­cious spirit from Dex’s increas­ingly shady past? With love and life in the bal­ance, Perry must dis­cover the truth among the lies or risk los­ing every­thing she's ever cared about. 
The Last Werewolf
Author Glen Duncan
Meet Jake. A bit on the elderly side (he turns 201 in March), but you'd never suspect it. Nonstop sex and exercise will do that for you--and a diet with lots of animal protein. Jake is a werewolf, and after the unfortunate and violent death of his one contemporary, he is now the last of his species. Although he is physically healthy, Jake is deeply distraught and lonely. Jake's depression has carried him to the point where he is actually contemplating suicide--even if it means terminating a legend thousands of years old. It would seem to be easy enough for him to end everything. But for very different reasons there are two dangerous groups pursuing him who will stop at nothing to keep him alive. Here is a powerful, definitive new version of the werewolf legend--mesmerising and incredibly sexy. In Jake, Glen Duncan has given us a werewolf for the twenty-first century--a man whose deeds can only be described as monstrous but who is in some magical way deeply human.
Carnival for the Dead
Author David Hewson
It’s February, and Carnival time in Venice. Bright blue skies and freezing temperatures welcome Teresa Lupo, forensic pathologist to the Rome Questura, to the city. She is greeted off the vaporetto by an anonymous masked man dressed as The Plague Doctor. Teresa has taken time out from her job to find her beloved bohemian aunt Sofia who has mysteriously disappeared. There seem to be no clues as to her whereabouts, but a visit to Sofia’s very strange apartment in the Dorsoduro confirms Teresa’s suspicions that all is not well. The puzzle deepens when a letter reveals a piece of fiction in which both Sofia and Teresa appear. Even more strange, are the links to Venetian culture which gradually begin to surface. Are the messages being sent by Sofia herself? Her abductor? Or a third party seeking to help her unravel the mystery? The revelation when it comes is as surprising and shocking as Sofia’s fate. And Teresa herself comes to depend upon the unravelling of a mystery wrapped deep inside the art and culture of Venice itself.
What I Might Read During Thrill Week:
I have a great selection of books awaiting my attention in the forever growing to-be-read (TBR) pile. Since Thrill only lasts a week, what I'll actually read during this stretch of time is rather limited so I decided to show my immediate review queue for this category. 

Do You have An All Time Favorite Cover In the Genres Above?
I have many covers I like and certain types I'm attracted to, but the book cover that sticks out in mind is oddly, Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk. Even while reading, I remember turning this book over on my nightstand.  There was something disturbing about the ghostly imagine on the front that bothered me. It reminds me of old, historic pictures depicting screaming souls.  *shudders*
Haunted is a novel made up of twenty-three horrifying, hilarious, and stomach-churning stories. They’re told by people who have answered an ad for a writer’s retreat and unwittingly joined a “Survivor”-like scenario where the host withholds heat, power, and food. As the storytellers grow more desperate, their tales become more extreme, and they ruthlessly plot to make themselves the hero of the reality show that will surely be made from their plight. This is one of the most disturbing and outrageous books you’ll ever read, one that could only come from the mind of Chuck Palahniuk.
What debut author(s) or new to you author(s) have you read within the last 12 months that have impressed you?
It would probably closely match the authors and books listed above:
Glen Duncan
David Hewson
Casper Silk
I'm also enjoying the Jade Calhoun Series by Deanna Chase

Favorite Trilogy or Series I'd Recommend:
I recommend checking out the Experiment in Terror Series by indie author Karina Halle.  It is one of my favorites!

What Popular Authors(s) Have I NOT Read, But Is on My Wishlist?
Peter Straub and Gillian Flynn.  I have Ghost Story and Dark Places on my shelf and I've been meaning to get to both, but something else always demands my attention. I'm also looking forward to the upcoming release (Sept. 25) of Psychos by Peter Giglio.
This collection of thirty-five terrifying tales of serial killers at large, written by the great masters of the genre, plumbs the horrifying depths of a deranged mind and the forces of evil that compel a human being to murder, gruesomely and methodically, over and over again. From Hannibal Lecter (The Silence of the Lambs) to Patrick Bateman (American Psycho), stories of serial killers and psychos loom large and menacing in our collective psyche. Tales of their grisly conquests have kept us cowering under the covers, but still turning the pages. Psychos is the first book to collect in a single volume the scariest and most well-crafted fictional works about these deranged killers. Some of the stories are classics, the best that the genre has to offer, by renowned writers such as Neil Gaiman, Jack Ketchum, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Bloch, and Thomas Harris. Other selections are from the latest and most promising crop of new authors. John Skipp, who is also the editor of Zombies, Demons and Werewolves and Shapeshifters, provides fascinating insight, through two nonfiction essays, into our insatiable obsession with serial killers and how these madmen are portrayed in popular culture. Resources at the end of the book includes lists of the genre's best long-form fiction, movies, websites, and writers.
Other Than Blogs, I Browse ____ to Keep Up With the Latest News on Authors, New Releases, Book Tours, etc.
Besides blogs, I browse Indie Bound, Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Bestseller Bound, NetGalley, Shelfari, Bizarro Central and Independent Author Network

What Current Book is Hyped Among the Blogosphere That I Want to Read or Are NOT Interested in? Why or Why not?
I tend to shy away from books that are hyped because from past experience, I often lean towards a lesser liking than the general rating public.  The only book that I recall liking as much as the hype was the Stieg Larsson series. However, I do enjoy some books by Steven King--Insomnia for example was one of my favorites. Bestsellers I'm NOT interested in reading are any novels published under the name John Grisham and James Patterson.  

What is Most Important in These Genres to Me? I.E. Plot, Characters, Location, Dialogue, Red Herrings, Narrator etc.
I would have to say character development and uniqueness. This is by far the most appealing aspect for me when evaluating any book regardless of genre. 

Recommend A Book Made Into A Movie You Thought Both Were Good:
I'm going with a horror classic, Amityville Horror. This really drew attention to the possibly of everyday hauntings. The case was interesting and based on paranormal claims. Whether you believe it or not, the murders did occur and the mystery behind the motive has lead to numerous speculations and investigations.
The Lutzes moved into their dream home on December 18th, 1975. Four weeks later, they fled in terror. The home was the scene of a mass murder a year before, and the Lutzes claimed paranormal phenomena caused them to fear for their lives and forced them to abandon the home. Touted as a true story.

Recommend A Book You Would Like to Discuss with Others and Possibly the Author? 
Psychos by Peter Giglio
Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk
Experiment in Terror Series by Karina Halle


  1. Marce was right, I'm collecting a huge list of books I now want to read. It's very nice to meet you and can't wait to follow your reviews.

  2. Following you now, glad to meet you. I know I have been by before but somehow I wasn't following.

    I saw Psychos on Netgalley, I need to request it.

    Haunted is a great cover choice, I like the idea of inviting Chuck.

    Criminology is very cool, last year I said I wanted to be a Profiler.

    Thanks for participating, look forward to your reviews. Hope to see you stop by next week.

  3. Hi, Charlie. Thanks for sharing. I have been following from the shadows for a while, but have yet to really get to know the lady behind the mask. :) I hope to do better.
    I will have to investigate these three genius books of yours so I can throw off my idiot status. ;) I loved The Amityville Horror as a teen and still count it as one of the most frightening books to read...especially at night. I still just don't think either of the films have quite gotten it right. It's hard to beat the book, isn't it?
    Have a great weekend.


  4. Hi Charlie, some great books listed here. New follower, love the blog. Amityville Horror what a blast from the past! Read the book and saw the movie : )


  5. Hi..stopping by via Marce's. Amityville Horror, that's one I read very many years ago and can still vividly recall the images I created in my mind. I have not stepped out of my comfort zone with the PNR/UF books, but maybe some day. Have a great weekend. I am sure I'll be stopping my again during the week.

  6. Hi, I'm stopping by to celebrate Thrill Week ll.

    The Last Werewolf is on my wishlist, I have heard great things about it. I am a huge fan of Stephen King. I forgot about Amityville Horror - both the book and the movie terrified me.

    I am looking forward to reading your reviews this week!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  7. You got some interesting books here. I will check those out. Thanks!

    Here are my answers to the questionnaire!!

  8. I'm a sucker for anything to do with Venice so I'll have to get my hands on Carnival for the Dead.
    That is one creepy cover!

  9. The Last Werewolf sounds like one I would enjoy. I think Amityville Horror would be a little too scary for me.

    Carol's Notebook

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