Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Suitcase Pimp

Suitcase Pimp
Author Wyatt Shev

Serial malcontent Loren Niva and his impressionable young wife Anya make the move out to California, in search of their slice of the American Dream. Starry-eyed victims of blind faith and misplaced trust, it isn't long until the city of Los Angeles conspires to devour them whole. Sick of navigating dire financial straits, open-minded Anya takes work as a ‘girl-girl’ performer in the San Fernando Valley’s thriving adult entertainment industry. Loren assumes the role of a ‘suitcase pimp’ – a slur reserved for boyfriends and husbands of porn starlets – and takes to his sordid new life with voracious relish. What follows is a boozy, merrily depraved descent into unbridled excess, spanning locales both seedy and stately throughout Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Through whiskey-bleared eyes, Loren eagerly explores his debaucherous new world. But as Anya's dubious star continues to rise, Loren's torrid, increasingly perverse adventures threaten to tear their already flimsy union asunder. At turns outrageous and profane, Suitcase Pimp tackles the various oily idiosyncrasies of ‘the Industry’, shining a grubby little spotlight on the colorful, low-dwelling characters that comprise it. It is a brutish testament to all-American excess - and a lament for the slow disintegration and demise of an all-American marriage.

Review:  With certain erotica books going mainstream, why not take a dive into a story focused around the porn industry? After all, it's out there and very much part of our modern culture. Suitcase Pimps takes it a step further by referring to the demise of American marriage in the synopsis. Recently, our culture has been introduced to terms like sex addict. With attention drawn to this topic, it is presumptuous and now often claimed in divorce court that such 'addictions' play a role in destroying a marriage. Perhaps, this is what sparked my interest in this particular book. However, this Boogie Nights kind of read sloshes through the parties, film shoots and low-lifes of the industry presenting much the same insight that we've already seen. The boundaries of work, and what is considered pleasure bleeds, and the characters morph to survive their muddy existence. Much like a porn movie, little plot is established peppered by alternating sex scenes. It becomes very cyclic and instead of deepening the attachment to the characters or gaining a better understanding, the set up did the opposite. Perhaps, this was the intent -- the numbing, not caring by the end reaction I developed, but it did little to enhance the value of the read. Is it erotica? Yes, and that in itself serves an audience. Did it meet the claim to show the slow disintegration and demise of an All-American marriage?  That is arguable. Since this is not the norm, it's difficult to suggest -- but I was hoping that it would delve a bit deeper into how the industry affects marriage, not just Anya's and Loren's. Their problems seem obvious and did not take much of an imagination to see where this was all going making it predictable and anti-climantic. In fact, it was hard not to just write the couple off as stupid and naive individuals who kind of got what they deserved. It's light fluff with some porn humor, mixed with the typical drugs, dorks, slobbering perverts and nasty sluts all thrown together in a L.A. party. I would say wait until this one was made into a movie, but it already has been.  A hundred or perhaps thousands of times and can be rented at any seedy adult video store.
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