Sunday, December 11, 2011

Boxer and Bugs: The Boxer Beetle

Boxer Beetle
Author Ned Beauman

Kevin "Fishy" Broom has his nickname for a reason-a rare genetic condition that makes his sweat and other bodily excretions smell markedly like rotting fish. Consequently, he rarely ventures out of the London apartment where he deals online in Nazi memorabilia. But when Fishy stumbles upon a crime scene, he finds himself on the long-cold trail of a pair of small-time players in interwar British history. First, there's Philip Erskine, a fascist gentleman entomologist who dreams of breeding an indomitable beetle as tribute to Reich Chancellor Hitler's glory, all the while aspiring to arguably more sinister projects in human eugenics. And then there's Seth "Sinner" Roach, a homosexual Jewish boxer, nine-toed, runtish, brutish-but perfect in his way-who becomes an object of obsession for Erskine, professionally and most decidedly otherwise. What became of the boxer? What became of the beetle? And what will become of anyone who dares to unearth the answers?

Review: The synopsis of this story about sums it up and to add any more detail would surely ruin it for the reader. Imaginative and original, the Boxer Beetle is a collage of literary style, but not in a rip-off sort of way, but rather, cleverly interrogating classic greats paying homage to the boundary breakers who came before this generation. A pace-setting, genre-spanning tale that breeds Salinger, Kafka and Miller into a pretty specimen that can hold its own weight in any class or fight. Something about this dark tale gets under the skin and stews. I was thinking about it long after the back cover closed. It's a deeply thematic and morally provocative tale--definitely worth a read.
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