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End of Summer Books

Want to know what I'm reading this summer?  It's August already!  Take a look at my end-of-summer reading queue.  This list features books that have been accepted and/or recently arrived in my mailbox.  All images are direct links to Amazon, please click through if you wish to order or explore the books and author further.  I highly encourage readers to check out these books! Don't recognize some of the titles or author names? Hey, why not give a newbie a chance?  You won't know if you like it until you try it!.

Books that make my list are considered for a variety of reasons and span many genres.  I like to remain eclectic in my reading habits and as advertised, I've added  several 'indie' and small press books.  This is not because I do not get a number of requests from large publishing companies, but because I'm continuing my mission and promise to provide book reviews for independent authors. I support a wide gamut of authors and consider all works equal in creative value.  I do go back and attach links to books as I review them so check out the links below for updates.

Machine Man (Vintage Contemporaries Original)Machine Man
Author Max Barry
Release Date August 9, 2011
FINISHED Review Post
Charlie Neumann loses a leg in an industrial accident. He sees it as an opportunity. Charlie has always thought his body could be better. Stronger. With built-in wi-fi. The next leg to go is no accident. Neither is the hand. No one understands his love of upgrades, except for prosthetics expert Lola Shanks. She's always admired a good artificial leg, and Charlie's on his way to being artificial everything. His employer, military contractor Better Future, sees potential in the bioaugmentations. Charlie, however, never wanted to be a weapon, so now he's locked in a mind-bending battle for control of his artificial body. Machine Man is a daring experiment in digital fiction that is funny, tender, and always surprising.

Fistful of Reefer (Reeferpunk)Fistful of Reefer
Author David Brown
The year is 1918. Chancho Villarreal and his Native American friends, Muddy and Nena, live a quiet life on their goat ranch and marijuana farm north of Del Rio, Texas. But when ghosts from Chancho's revolutionary past combine with local panic over stories of the demon El Chupacabra, the three friends inadvertently draw the attention of Texas Ranger, T.J. McCutchen. McCutchen has made it his personal crusade to prevent the little known intoxicant, marijuana, from corrupting his borderlands, despite the dark secret that he depends on its medicinal properties to control his seizures. When he discovers the remains of the marijuana field his worst fears are confirmed — the drug is being grown in Texas soil. To stay ahead of McCutchen's brutal brand of justice Chancho, Muddy and Nena, are forced to pack up all their worldly possessions, including their marijuana harvest and herd of goats. What follows is an action-packed ride across the wilds of a weird-west, dieselpunk Texas haunted by rumors of El Chupacabras behind every bush.

The Cambridge ListThe Cambridge List
Author Robert Clear
James Connor thinks that murdering his former professors in cold blood is rather a bad idea. Unfortunately his head has been commandeered by a bloodthirsty family of Greek gods, so he doesn’t have a say in the matter. With Hera and Aphrodite at each other’s throats and Dionysos failing to keep order, James’s brain has become a cosmic conflict zone, and he’s worried they’ll leave it in ruins. There’s only one way out: he has to go from socially inept young man to slick sociopath fast. If only he wasn’t so squeamish about mass slaughter. Follow the world’s least menacing serial killer on his awkwardly murderous journey through the little town of Cambridge, where ancient rituals, scheming academics and divine politics collide. And where murder has consequences unforeseen even by the gods themselves…

Oskaloosa MoonOskaloosa Moon
Author Gary Sutton
OSKALOOSA MOON recaptures beauty, pain and adolescent struggles in a mid-American farm village, circa 1950. In the spirit of Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn" and movies like "Forrest Gump", OSKALOOSA MOON reveals the adventures of an outcast boy who was unwilling to be invisible.

Twelfth Night
Twelfth Night
Author Lily White LeFevre
Olivia Gardener is the toast of London. Charismatic and beautiful, she can command the attention of every man in the room—except the one she wants. But when a risqué wager threatens to go too far, will her old friend prove she already has his heart and save her from her own folly?

Just Say the Word
Just Say the Word
Author Carla Salvo

Rita Napapolus' fingerprints were all over the murder weapon, beckoning authorities onto her path and into her past. They immediately hit a wall when they find no record of the petite office manager's history before she appeared in Seattle with her daughter twenty years ago. When a million dollar bail is mysteriously posted and a hot-shot defense lawyer arrives from San Francisco, her friends want answers. So does the FBI. Where did Rita come from? Who is watching out for her? Could she really be the killer?

Domestic Violets: A Novel (P.S.)Domestic Violets
Author Matthew Norman
Release Date August 9, 2011
Available for pre-order 

Tom Violet always thought that by the time he turned thirty-five, he’d have everything going for him. Fame. Fortune. A beautiful wife. A satisfying career as a successful novelist. A happy dog to greet him at the end of the day. The reality, though, is far different. He’s got a wife, but their problems are bigger than he can even imagine. And he’s written a novel, but the manuscript he’s slaved over for years is currently hidden in his desk drawer while his father, an actual famous writer, just won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. His career, such that it is, involves mind-numbing corporate buzzwords, his pretentious archnemesis Gregory, and a hopeless, completely inappropriate crush on his favorite coworker. Oh . . . and his dog, according to the vet, is suffering from acute anxiety.Tom’s life is crushing his soul, but he’s decided to do something about it. 

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