Thursday, July 28, 2011

TWISTED TALES: Black Hole Blues

Twisted Tales #2

In honor of this week's twisted tale I thought I'd share with you just a few country music stereotypes.  
  • Live in the Southern US or Alaska
  • Know all the words to every Willie Nelson song
  • Keep your Christmas lights up year round
  • Shop at Wal Mart
  • Drive a truck
  • Have more fingers than teeth
  • Consider the Cracker Barrel fine dining
And if you're author Patrick Wensink you probably wrote a book about twins, one that creates a black hole and the other, a country singer whose nemesis is Kenny Rogers. This dysfunctional duo really doesn't know when to fold them, when to walk away or when to run. If you want to know how a case of food poisoning, time travel and club sandwiches bring the Caruthers family together, read Black Hole Blues.  You won't journey to the center of the Earth, but you'll make it as far as Memphis.

Black Hole BluesBlack Hole Blues
Author Patrick Wensink

J. Claude Caruthers is country music's biggest star and Kenny Rogers' worst nightmare. Now, J. Claude hasn't slept for weeks. His insomnia comes courtesy of his quest to complete Nashville's most ambitious project: Caruthers is writing a love song for every woman's name on Earth. But since getting stuck on the last name in the book, Zygmut, Caruthers' life has been miserable. Life gets much worse when his estranged brother, Lloyd, inadvertently creates a black hole in a top-secret physics lab. Lovesick and lonely, Lloyd sets out to reconnect with his brother and find love before the world ends. As the black hole swallows the planet, the brothers discover that only one person who can stop the apocalypse and help J. Claude finish his songwriting odyssey is their missing sister, Zygmut. Told through a kaleidoscope of perspectives that include the Caruthers brothers, J. Claude's guitar, a club sandwich, and even the angry, foul-mouthed particle that birthed the black hole, Patrick Wensink's Black Hole Blues is a hilarious double helix of country music and physics.

Patrick Wensink is the author of Black Hole Blues (2011, Lazy Fascist Press) and Sex Dungeon for Sale! (2009, Eraserhead Press) and the forthcoming Broken Piano for President (2012, Lazy Fascist Press). He's never won any awards, which is a shame, because that would look really good right here. In his spare time, he has a beef with Kenny Rogers and maintains: Death to Kenny Rogers, the web's only anti-Kenny site.  Click on the header below to view site:
Patrick Wensink
Other books by Patrick Wensink
Sex Dungeon For Sale!
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