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TWISTED TALES: The Rise of Scott Semegran

Twisted Tales #2Welcome to Twisted Tales.  First up is author Scott Semegran.  I recently had the privledge of reading and reviewing his latest book, The Meteoric Rise of Simon Burchwood.  It's true.  Click on REVIEW to see what I thought. I immediately admired his author's voice (his writing voice--not to be confused with his real voice.  He might have an annoying, grating voice that would make me want to scratch my eyes out) and had to ask him to be featured at Bitsy Bling Books.  Besides, providing a bio. and list of hilarious books, I asked Scott to humor me by filling out a Mad Lib and answer a couple questions.  Oh yeah...before I forget, there is a giveaway at the bottom of the post so don't forget to enter.

Character, Simon Burchwood does Mad Libs as part of his creative writing process.  I presented one to Scott titled, "The Walmart Difference."  With the help of his oldest daughter, Mia, he came up with this work of pure genius.  I think she has talent!

Come run at WALMART, where you`ll receive fuzzy discounts on all of your favorite brand name trees. Our purple and running associates are there to fly you 63 hours a day. Here you will find cold prices on the cars you need. Birds for the moms, kids for the kids, and all the latest electronics for the grandpas. So come on down to your creamy, crunchy WALMART where the cookies come first.  
Want to do your own Mad Libs? Creative writing exercises can be found at:

Q:  Simon discovers his first crush is now working at the local boobie bar.  Your first crush – What made you fall for her/him?  What do you imagine he/she is doing for a job today?

Elly May Clampett
Scott:  My first crush was a girl in my fifth grade class. Her name was Ann. She looked like a young version of Elly May Clampett from the TV show The Beverly Hillbillies. She didn't speak or dress anything like Elly May but I remember thinking her face looked just like Elly May. Go ahead, Google a photo right now. Elly May was hot!  Anyway, I imagine she is like the rest of us, stuck at a boring job, and has a couple of cute kids and a nice husband waiting for her at home. This realization is Facebook's fault. Facebook has taken the mystery out of reminiscing about long, lost childhood acquaintances and replaced it with the boring actuality of real life drabness.

Q:  I see dream symbolism throughout the story, which I find fascinating and touch on in my review.  Do you have a reoccurring dream?  Describe.  Let’s see what the dream book says about you!

Scott:  When I was preschool / kindergarten age, I had a reoccurring dream of an out-of-control train trying to run me over. I would run along the track, which was connected in a large circle, and the train would get closer and closer and closer almost running me over until I woke up. Horrifying to my young brain!

As an adult, I can't seem to think of any reoccurring dreams that I have but I do find dream symbolism fascinating as well and I analyze the dreams that I have that I do remember. I had a dream recently (a few weeks ago) that my teeth fell out. I've read that this can be interpreted as anxiety over a secret or lie that I would like to unburden myself from. Interesting. 

Analysis of Scott's Dreams:
What a train means... A train represents Scott's life journey within his community of family, friends, and peers.  Unlike other methods of transportation, trains have a predetermined destination (Scott's going in circles).  It shows where he felt his life was headed-- for a train wreck?  Way too heavy for a little kid.

What teeth mean...Teeth represent the ability to digest knowledge.  By losing his teeth, Scott feels he is losing control of something in his waking life.  Most likely his mind.  Thankfully, he made the smart choice to send me his book and appear in this feature.  Sweet dreams!

Who the Hell Is Scott Semegran?
Scott Semegran lives in Austin, Texas.  He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in English. He's a writer and a cartoonist. He can also bend metal with my mind and run really fast, if chased by a pack of wolves. His short stories have appeared in independent publications and literary journals like The Next One Literary Journal from the Texas Tech University Honors College. His comic strips have appeared in the following newspapers: The Austin Student, The Funny Times, The Austin American-Statesman, Rocky Mountain Bullhorn, Seven Days, The University of Texas at Dallas Mercury, and The North Austin Bee. Semegran is currently writing a novel titled "The Spectacular Simon Burchwood." It is the second novel in a series of books about the one and only Simon Burchwood. It will be published in the summer of 2011.

Books by Scott Semegran
The Meteoric Rise of Simon Burchwood
On his way to New York to celebrate his impending literary success, Simon Burchwood is the prototypical American careerist. But a quick detour to Montgomery, Alabama to visit a childhood friend sends Simon on a bizarre journey, challenging his hopes and dreams of becoming a famous writer. This is a character study that delves into the psyche of a man who desperately tries to redefine himself. Is Simon pompous? Yes. A jerk? Yes. Will you like him? Absolutely! "The book is told entirely from Simon’s viewpoint. Simon is not a very likable guy; as a matter of fact, he is a self-centered, pompous jerk. But for some reason, it’s pretty fun to be inside his head, mainly because he is an inadvertent, oblivious jerk... you will learn Simon’s views on smoking, cleanliness and going to the bathroom, just to name a few. There were times that I laughed out loud... A very good novel that was humorous throughout." 4 and 1/2 Stars - Red Adept Reviews
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Mr. Grieves
Mr. Grieves started as a poke at human nature through the use of talking, narcissistic animals. It has evolved into a full-on assault to your funny bone. Where else will you find rats fighting over cubicles, camels worrying about aging, a parrot talking to aliens, and a lonely water snail longing for a friend? Welcome to the world of Mr. Grieves!

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This collection of short stories, musings, and cartoons by writer / cartoonist Scott Semegran explores such themes as suicide, parenting, religion, masculinity, the apocalypse, and, most importantly, erections. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and pee your pants (hopefully, not at the same time).
Praise for Modicum:

"Funny, sweet, dark, and sad, Scott Semegran's comics and short stories create a wholly convincing world of love, loss, and fear. His light touch with heavy subjects is a gift, and his forays into silliness are a delight. I can't tell if his kids should read it as soon as possible, or never." - Emily Flake, cartoonist and author of LuLu Eightball

"Hilarious, poignant, twisted... and those are just the stories. Scott Semegran's cartoons bring an added one-two visceral punch to a powerful collection of work." - Davy Rothbart, author of The Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas and publisher of FOUND Magazine.

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