Thursday, May 19, 2011

TWISTED TALES: Mercury Falls and Linoleum Is Evil

Twisted Tales #2
Mercury FallsMercury Falls
Author Robert Kroese

While on assignment in Nevada, Christine Temetri isn’t surprised when yet another prophesied Apocalypse fails to occur. After three years of reporting on End Times cults for a religious news magazine, Christine is seriously questioning her career choice. But then she meets Mercury, a cult leader whose knowledge of the impending Apocalypse is decidedly more solid than most: he is an angel, sent from heaven to prepare for the Second Coming but distracted by beer, ping pong, and other earthly delights. After Christine and Mercury inadvertently save Karl Grissom—a film-school dropout and the newly appointed Antichrist—from assassination, she realizes the three of them are all that stand in the way of mankind’s utter annihilation. They are a motley crew compared to the heavenly host bent on earth’s destruction, but Christine figures they’ll just have to do. Full of memorable characters, Mercury Falls is an absurdly funny tale about unlikely heroes on a quest to save the world.

Review:  I always knew linoleum was evil, that's why I insisted hardwood flooring be installed in my breakfast nook.  A pleasing pattern can be a sign for a portal to the otherworld, or at least it is in Mercury Falls.  I highly recommend this philosophically humorous absurdist story that questions all that is organized religion and pokes much fun at bureaucracy. The complexity is intelligent and is delivered with comedic timing that rivals the best humorists in the hood. Serious stuff is going on here, but satirical relief is abundant, refreshing and oh so amusing. I could give some examples, but it'd be like giving away the punchline to a clever political joke. What can I say, I think most of my friends will like it!
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Robert Kroese's sense of irony was honed growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan - home of the Amway Corporation and the Gerald R. Ford Museum, and the first city in the United States to fluoridate its water supply. In second grade, he wrote his first novel, the saga of Captain Bill and his spaceship Thee Eagle. This turned out to be the high point of his academic career. After barely graduating from Calvin College in 1992 with a philosophy degree, he was fired from a variety of jobs before moving to California, where he stumbled into software development. As this job required neither punctuality nor a sense of direction, he excelled at it. He continued to write in his spare time, and in 2007 he started his blog,, as an outlet for his absurdist wit. Around the same time, he was appointed to be a deacon in his church, and this juxtaposition of roles prompted him to create the character Mercury, the star of MERCURY FALLS - an acerbic, anti-establishment angel who is well-meaning but not particularly well-behaved.
Kroese has also published THE FORCE IS MIDDLING IN THIS ONE, a collection of humorous essays. He is currently working on MERCURY RISES, the sequel to MERCURY FALLS, as well as a memoir entitled NOT LIVING UP TO MY POTENTIAL

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