Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Little Q&A With Author Lance Carbuncle

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Want to know more about author Lance Carbuncle?  Here is a little Q&A with the creator of Grundish & Askew!

Q:  Grundish and Askew never want to go to prison.  Each has their reasons.  Would you rather spend life in prison or be executed?

A:  If I would definitely be imprisoned for life (no appeals and no chance ever of release) I would rather be executed.  I would not want to spend the rest of my life duct taping my bunghole to avoid being sodomized (since I have such a sweet ass, this would be a huge concern) and trying to make sure that I don’t get stuck with a toothbrush that has been ground down to a sharp point.  I wouldn’t want to worry about people pissing or spitting in my already shitty food.  I definitely would not want to be thrown in an isolation cell and pepper sprayed just for being a smartass.  I would not want that to be the rest of my life.  However, if I still had hope of overturning the conviction and someday being free again, I would say “no thank you,” to the whole execution thing.

Q:  Dancing around and holding ad signs on the side of the road has to be a pretty lousy job.  What is the worst job you ever had?

A:  Proctology examination volunteer.

Q:  Are you working on a new project?  If so, can you give us a hint?

A:  I have just recently finished the first draft of my third novel, El Camino de la Muerte  (working title).  I’m trying to force myself to go back and start the editing process.  The book is kind of a speculative/ transgressive/ absurdist/ humorous/ horror spiritual journey.  Hopefully that narrows it down for you.  I plan on having it published before the end of 2011 and will probably post excerpts on my website prior to publication.

Q:  What are you personal reading tastes?  When you go to the bookstore what section and genre do you gravitate towards?

A:  I read a pretty wide variety of books. I try to alternate between fiction and nonfiction but find myself reading a lot more novels.  I like something that is well written and hopefully humorous.  Character development is important to me. I don’t want to read a formulaic story with stock characters.  Steinbeck is a favorite.  He does a great job with making you really identify with and feel for his characters.  I love Vonnegut, Hemmingway, and Kerouac.  I also really can get into something surreal, twisted and darkly comedic.  As far as independent authors, I really enjoy some of the Bizarro guys like Mykle Hansen and Andersen Prunty.  David David Katzman’s Death by Zamboni was hilarious and I’m getting ready to read a copy of his upcoming book.

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