Saturday, April 30, 2011

The White Devil: Lord Byron Has A Stalker!

The White Devil: A NovelThe White Devil
Author Justin Evans
Release Date:  May 1, 2011

Joe Hill’s Horns  meets Donna Tartt’s The Secret History in this bold new thriller from Justin Evans, author of the critically acclaimed A Good and Happy Child. When seventeen-year-old Andrew Taylor is transplanted from his American high school to a British boarding school—a high-profile academy for the sons of England’s finest—his father hopes that the boy’s dark past will not follow him from across the Atlantic. But blood, suspense, and intrigue quickly surround Andrew once again as he finds himself struggling with a deadly mystery left unsolved by a student from Harrow School’s past—the enigmatic poet Lord Byron.

Review:  Chuck the flying brooms and magic wands from that other spooky English school, mix in a dose of teen love affair from Scott Spencer's Endless Love and piss off the jealous stalker ghost of Lord Byron (former Harrow student) and you get genius, The White Devil!  A  beautifully crafted multi-level plot that flows simultaneously like subterranean rivers beneath the modern world.  A past play, a present play and a future play reveals lost pieces of history and if the puzzle remains unsolved, people will die.  The moment Andrew (the catalyst) arrives at Harrow, these events are put in motion-- words and lines slip through ears weaving the characters closer and making it impossible to tear apart.  What starts off as an assignment turns into an obsession. The characters are driven by a unfortunate murder investigation associated with paranormal mysteries capable of appearing through the veil and attaching to the living.  The parallels between characters provides the perfect circuit for this performance.  The original goal of the present play was to discover whom Lord Byon truly loved.  While searching for answers, the characters might discover their own love, sacrifice, witness the terror of jealousy and ultimately define happiness.  The characters experience small changes that don't over power the story with a grand epiphany, but rather serve to draw them in and bond with humanity.  If nothing else, jealousy, oaths and revenge live long beyond the grave.  It is best not to cheat the living because the cost will be astronomically greater than ever imagined.  This is a book I'd re-read and in fact, want to read it again right now!  Absolutely fell in love with The White Devil and will recommend it to many readers.  Do we find out who Lord Byron truly loved?  I'm left with 3 choices and would love to debate with others.  It's absolutely fascinating.  I'm very curious to get other readers take and impression about this read.  Currently, available at NetGalley and also Amazon Vine.
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*ARC provided for review by HarperCollins courtesy of NetGalley


  1. What a great review :)
    You make this book sound amazing. When I read the synopsis of this somewhere else, I thought it sounded somewhat confusing, but from your remarks it seems as though the author manages to juggle all the elements perfectly.

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