Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Death Line: Curl Up With A Cozy Mystery

Death Line
Author Geraldine Evans

Jasper Moon, internationally renowned ‘seer to the stars’, had signally failed to foresee his own future. He is found dead on his consulting-room floor, his skull crushed with a crystal ball and, all, around him, his office in chaos. Meanwhile, Ma Rafferty does some star-gazing of her own and is sure she can predict Detective Inspector Joe Rafferty’s future – by the simple expedient of organizing it herself. She is still engaged on her crusade to get Rafferty married off to a good Catholic girl with child-bearing hips. But Rafferty has a cunning plan to sabotage her machinations. Only trouble is, he needs Sergeant Llewellyn’s cooperation and he isn’t sure he’s going to get it. During their murder investigations, Inspector Rafferty and Sergeant Llewellyn discover a highly incriminating video concealed in Moon’s flat, a video which, if made public, could wreck more than one life. Was the famous astrologer really a vicious sexual predator? Gradually, connections begin to emerge between Moon and others in the small Essex town of Elmhurst. But how is Rafferty to solve the case when all of his suspects have seemingly unbreakable alibis?

Review: The detective team of Rafferty and Llewellyn is an entertaining English lineup that works because they brilliantly compliment and oppose each other. Mystery detective pairings often work on a push and pull system operating to either sway the balance or draw a reader towards a direction or clue. Evans has created a tandem that jells together, neither overshadowing nor undermining the other. For those who love Sherlock Holmes style mysteries, you'll likely adore Evans style, humor and method of detection. All players in the plot are revealed in moment, action and speech making it a wonderful cozy, rainy-night read rich with interesting characters that all appear guilty and innocent. At every turn you'll think you know who the killer is, but the true identity and motive won't come until the end. The reveal is not far-fetched or deceptive -- it was there all along and it works perfectly.

What sets Evans mysteries apart is the notion of how prejudice can play a role in the line to justice. How culture, belief, assumptions, gender and job can all affect how a case is perceived, delayed, detoured or in some cases, unsolved. Thankfully, Rafferty and Llewellyn catch their own flaws and rethink to avoid mistakes. However, by including this thematic element Evans shines a light on the unavoidable flaw in crime and the pursuit of justice, humanity.

This book has recently been formatted to include ebook. It is now available for only $2.99 at Amazon Kindle. It's a great deal and I encourage those who enjoy mysteries to give it a try. 
Death Line Amazon Kindle ebook

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  1. Charlie, Thank you for such a wonderful review. Once printed out, it'll take pride of place on my wallboard! Geraldine Evans

  2. Sorry, but I adjusted the price of the ebook on kindle today. It's now $2.99. Still a bargain, I think.

  3. I did make the price adjustment. Thanks for letting me know. YES, still a good deal for the book.

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