Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Calling All Culinary DIVAS or DUDES!

Attention Readers Secret Spicy Jalapeno Recipe Contest!

Calling all culinary divas and dudes.  Slaves to the kitchen, this is the moment you've been waiting for, well, that might be tad extreme.  However, I'd like to present a very cool idea and hope some of my cooking wizard friends and readers will help me out on this new endeavor.

As some of you might know in addition to reviewing books, I'm also an author. Whoopie, right? However, as I near completion of my third novel I am compelled to act on an idea I was recently struck by. Yes, the lighting bolt zapped me! Although, I can't reveal all the awesome details of the new Charlie Courtland book, I can leak that it is a small town horror drama that involves...wait for it...jalapenos!

To accompany the book's release, I am creating a special jalapeno cookbook. RIGHT NOW I am collecting, seeking and compiling ALL and ANY recipes from willing contributors to be published in a very scary promotional cookbook! The only requirement is the recipe has to feature/include some form of peppers (more than garnish and not simply the black, ground spice). The peppers can be any intensity from hot, medium and mild. Recipes can include: salsas, sauces, dips, cream, chutneys, jams, main dishes or side dishes, soups and breads. If I left anything out, free feel to let me know. I'm sure I haven't thought of all the ways jalapenos can be sliced, simmered and slaughtered.

I can't guarantee every recipe submitted will be included and published, but it will be considered. (This is in the event of duplicates or recipes too similar). You will be notified if your recipe is being used and we shall cheer with joy!

  • Fill out entry FORM
  • Email recipe (preferably as word.doc) to
  • Attach photo or picture (not required or necessary) but if you have one, that'd be great.
  • Please include if this is 'your' recipe. Note general rule for calling it your own. If not, please include in email where you acquired the recipe, giving full name of person or publication so I can credit original source.

What qualifies to call a recipe my OWN?
General rule: 3 major changes to the original recipe are required to make a recipe ‘yours’ – otherwise, please note source i.e. cookbook, magazine, website publication so additional credit can be sited. If you honestly don’t know the source, please explain – handed down through family, given word of mouth by friend ect. Ancient Chinese secret – you get the idea. Although no monetary compensation is being exchanged, I would like to give credit for all delicious creations.

C'mon specialists, let's get cook'in!  Also, I'd greatly appreciate it if any kind souls would help spread the word (twitter, facebook, ect).  I'm hoping to include a good variety of recipes and need all the help I can get!


  1. This is an interesting promotion and congratulations on the new book.

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