Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thank You Secret Santa!

It's driving me crazy because I know it is a 'secret' but I want to thank my Santa. This year I signed up for the Secret Santa at The Neverending Shelf. I've received 2 mysterious boxes. What a wonderful surprise! I just love this gift swapping business! I want to thank the Santa who sent me these lovely and VERY MUCH APPRECIATED gifts! The top 2 things to buy me are chocolate and books -- and I got both! It has me singing Fa La La La La....

Is there any better chocolate than Ghirardelli? I think not! I received two bags: peanut better and caramel squares. Oh my, so delicious!

I also received two books that have been on my wish-list.  I've been itching to buy them, but decided to wait until after the holidays.  I was delighted to find them in my mailbox. Both are sitting on my nightstand.  I'm so tempted to start Fingersmith, but I vowed to finish reading the book I already started.  Oh, but it is so very tempting!  Thank you dear Secret Santa!  I love the gifts. 
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