Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Rogue's Pleasure

A Rogue's Pleasure
Author Hope Tarr

Miss Chelsea Bellamy is desperate. Her beloved brother is being held for ransom! Impoverished after the deaths of her parents, Chelsea doesn't have five shillings, never mind the five hundred pounds the kidnappers are demanding. With no one to turn to, she resorts to highway robbery to raise the sum. Lord Anthony Grenville is bored. Viscount Montrose's coach is overtaken by a highwayman—who turns out to be no man at all! Anthony hasn't been this intrigued by anything, or anyone, since his return from the war. And when he catches the flame-haired thief breaking into his London house to further fill her coffers, he comes up with a plan to rescue her brother—and resolves to seduce her into his bed! Their passion is mutual. Chelsea accepts Anthony's aid, but she'll never become his mistress—even if the thought of it fills her veins with liquid fire...

Not my typical review, but this is not my usual read. However, Hope Tarr wins me over with A Rogue's Pleasure.  A Rogue's Pleasure is, and I blush when I happily admit, a newly found guilty pleasure. I've already added several more of Hope Tarr's books to my to-be-read list. When the mood strikes, I can't wait to curl up with a chunk of chocolate, a warm blanket and surrender to the historical world the author paints. I quite enjoyed the dirty side of London. The characters are engaging and I fell head over heels for Lord Grenville. If you have a soft spot for 19th century rakes, you'll lust after him too. It was a fast paced read that had me flipping pages late into the night. I was having so much fun reading that I hated to put it down. It was entertaining, enjoyable, and delightfully romantic. Viscount Grenville is the ultimate historical bad boy of London and if I had a time machine I'd jump in it and likely throw myself on his doorstep. The love scenes were delicious and hung on the edge of erotic without spilling over into vulgarity. The language was romantic, seductive and sensual without being dirty. However, for the more prudish it might be too much and if you're longing for chaste traditional sexual restraint sometimes found in the historical genre, this is not your book. What I adored about Tarr's writing was that she mingles historical adventure and period setting with romantic sensuality. For me, this is a winning and entertaining combination.  I felt very attached to Chelsea and Grenville and invested in their love story. I can't wait to read another!  Besides, who can resist the new smoking cover!

* ARC provided for review courtesy of Carina Press via Netgalley
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