Sunday, December 26, 2010

READ THIS NEXT!!! - meme/book club

"Read This Next is the wickedly smart, faithful and attractive group you've always dreamed would bring you true and lasting reading happiness." ~ How can you resist?

This is a weekly meme inspired by the book Read This Next by Sandra Newman and Howard Mittelmark. If you're like me, you've signed up for a number of reading challenges in 2011.  After reviewing my plan for my place in the book blogosphere, I decided to create a meme/book club that was linked to a Goodreads group AND could benefit all my reading challenge lists!  Yep, I'm multi-tasking! This meme/group is theme, rather than genre based -- I'm hoping it provides a wider variety of books that can cross-over to a number of active 2011 reading challenges that people are participating in therefore, optimizing reading without losing interaction and discussion.

  • Anyone is welcome as long as they aren't cuter than me.
  • You must like to read.
  • Willing to shun all other forms of media for the sake of books. Okay, you can text, twitter, email and comment once in a while -- that's allowed.
  • Ideally, members should remain awake.
  • Suggest a cute mascot.
  • Link posts related to meme anytime (reviews, thoughts, snarks ect.)
  • Be respectful (duh)
How's It work?
  • I will randomly pick a book from one of the 'Themes' listed in Read This Next.  Each month I will post 'the' book -- and it will remain in the right-side bar at Bitsy Bling Books.  
  • Each week I will feature a discussion question for the featured book as a guide.  You can either answer the question, or post anything about the book or author such as a review, bio. ect.  
  • Don't forget to link up!  Below is a linky.  This should take hoppers directly to the specific blog post, not the main page of blogsite.  
Theme:  Death
Sub-genre:  Steampunk
Victorian heroine is unmarriageable because she has no soul.

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