Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Confessional

How I ruined Christmas...
I am participating in The Crazy Holiday Blogfest hosted by Christine's Journey. We are suppose to talk about a holiday, it can be any holiday from any time of the year. I'm picking Christmas. I know, not very original, but like most things I'm adding my own twist. Christmas is undoubtedly my favorite holiday to celebrate. For me, nothing can compare -- I'm a nut, I'm a spaz, I barf Christmas everywhere! Today, I decided to share "How I Ruined Christmas." Yes, it is confession time. Don't worry, I'll give you the chance too.

Bitsy's sad, but greedy Christmas story:

I can't remember exactly how old I was, but let's say old enough. I was at the age when Santa no longer delivers tons of toys, but does drop off a few things mostly of the clothing variety to good girls. I didn't mind because clothing, nail polish and music was my life.  I was so over toys, mostly. My mother always put out a few presents here and there to enhance my excitement for the impending spoil my brat day. Every morning when I woke up I'd glance beneath the tree. Yep, a new package and let me guess, "It's for me!" Since I was an only child sharing wasn't a problem. I have no idea where I got the idea but one day after school I decided it'd be fine if I used a steak knife and gently slit the tape and unfolded the paper. I was so careful and I did it flawlessly. I unwrapped one gift and was so excited to see what cool outfit I was getting. I then carefully re-wrapped it and placed it back beneath the tree. It was only one, right? The next day after school, I tried to resist, but I couldn't. Just one more, I told myself. Again, I slit the tape --ooh, earrings this time! But, they don't match the outfit I peeked at yesterday! I wonder what they go with? Yep, you guessed it. The next day I was slitting more tape and searching for all the pieces to my presents. I guess I assumed come Christmas morning there would be an entire new batch of gifts waiting. Santa would come and add to my loot. Sadly, this was the year that Santa cut back because he had already spent way too much and I was getting older, more mature, right? Still, he was generous and tucked a few new things in with the gifts already displayed and stuffed my stocking. I suppose in all my sneaky fun I hadn't realized just how many presents I had peeked at, but it turned out to be nearly all of them. It was horrible, terrible and the worse Christmas ever! Not because I didn't receive wonderful gifts, but because I had ruined the surprise. I had managed to kill the spirit and joy. I also realized I sucked at acting and decided then and there that I never wanted to fake any kind of emotion ever again. My poor mother was worried that I was disappointed that I didn't get something I truly wanted. When in truth, I always got exactly what I wished for -- this time was no different, but she sensed something was wrong. How could I tell her I cheated? That I peeked and ruined everything? Oh the shame, the horror and the self-loathing that followed was probably punishment enough. To this day I beg, no I plead with my family, namely my husband to never tell me or let me know about a gift. Nope, no buy it now and wrap it later for me! I don't care how expensive, how big or small, whether it is homemade or store bought -- I just don't want to know what it is until Christmas morning.

Now it's your time to confess! Have you ever peeked or snooped for your present? If so, what did you find?

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